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The team at Lahana is our backbone; they are stars that make Lahana what it is. Each member is an integral part of the business, and we love and appreciate each member. If you're thinking about a career in design, marketing or even dream of starting your brand, then you will want to hear the insider tips and insights of this dream team.

5 Goals We're Working towards

Here at Lahana Swim we're all about constantly improving. We want to give back to the community, minimise our footprint on the environment, and for our customers to trust that they're shopping ethically produced garments. Based on your feedback, we're excited to share with you 5 of our long-term goals to keep improving.


With some of the biggest international and homegrown festivals quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about your festival outfits. For Australian Splendour in the Grass tickets are about to go on sale and for International babes, Coachella is only a week away. Festival time is an opportunity to get creative; to bring out and style yourself in those numbers that are extra fabulous, the items you don't normally get the opportunity to wear.


To contribute to uplifting work of the Global Women's Project, Lahana set up a social objectives outcome for our most recent launch of the Red Bambi One Piece. Lahana Swim will be donating 30% of all Sales to work of educating, providing tools and empowering women globally. When you empower women, you truly work to empower a whole village. Read about our partnership with this amazing organisation!