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Last year we came across a fascinating experiment on a social media account with a big following. They posted two photos of the same beautiful girl in a bikini; one was photoshopped with her waist drawn in, boobs enhanced, and all her lumps and bumps removed. The second was posted unedited and unmodified. Can you guess what picture got the more significant reaction? The modified one, and not just by a little bit, but by a big bit.

In the last ten years, we have seen a diversity push and body inclusivity push like never before. Through the collective voice of women and men alike, we have rightfully called to see more realness, more life, more diversity in all its forms. The lived experience of everyBODY has been respectfully pushed forward to be seen as valid, whole and beautiful. We love seeing brands, businesses, agencies and more start to embrace this change. Us included. But there's a glitch in the system, and we want to discuss it.

Our words and actions as consumers aren't matching up. Our conditioning that started right back from when we were weee little people has taught us to respond to beauty only within the limited perimeters set by society. Unrealistic beauty standards downloaded into our psyche are damaging to the body and soul. We actively need to push against it and move forward to really show allyship for the representation of bodies like yours and mine. So let's look at how we might do this . .



So what's the glitch we are referring to? It's supporting the content that supports the cause. Representation is essential; representation is powerful, but this needs to be backed up by real support to make a tangible change in beauty standards. We have some unlearning to do, or rather some expanding that is backed up by action.

If you're one of those people who love seeing someone comfortable in their own skin, that loves seeing curves, stripes, colour, confidence and everything in between. Then let's make sure you like, share, and support that content in whatever way feels best for you.

The paradigm of beauty standards will only truly shift when we're showing more love for the unedited, unmodified photo to a photoshopped one. Let's not normalise and encourage unrealistic beauty standards even further than they are. We do that by changing what images and content we engage with, comment on, like. Let's make images go viral and get picked up by social algorithms for the right reason. Let's encourage brands and businesses to keep representing diversity by interacting with that content positively and with enthusiasm.

Ultimately as consumers, we have the power to shift ideals. This is fucking powerful sentiment. We ultimately determine the standards society upholds by the actions we take. SO TAKE ACTION, consume and support content that represents the diversity of the human body.


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