The Ultimate Rom-Com Movie List For Our Babes Staying In

With so much fear and uncertainty in the world right now it's essential that we balance that out with self-care and most importantly love!

We have combined those two essential things into the ultimate rom-com viewing pleasure. Treat yourself to some of these classics while your buying time till you can reschedule your vacay or go back seaside.

Here is 20 Top Picks compiled by the office babes just for you.

  1. 1985: The Breakfast Club
  2. 1989: When Harry Met Sally
  3. 1990: Pretty Woman
  4. 1993: Sleepless in Seattle
  5. 1994: Reality Bites
  6. 1995: Clueless
  7. 1996: Jerry Maguire
  8. 1997: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion
  9. 1997: The titanic
  10. 1997: My Best Friend’s Wedding
  11. 1998: The Wedding Singer
  12. 1998: How Stella Got Her Groove Back
  13. 1998: There’s Something About Mary
  14. 1999: She’s All That
  15. 1999: 10 Things I Hate About You
  16. 1999: Notting Hill
  17. 1999: Never Been Kissed
  18. 1999: Runaway Bride
  19. 2000: Miss Congeniality
  20. 2001: Serendipity 20. 2001: Bridget Jones’s Diary

It's time like these that we feel grateful for our online community. We may be physically isolated right now, but we are not disconnected. Make sure you are taking a break from the media and noise, taking time for yourself to fill your cup back up.

We hope the list above inspires you to run a bath, pour a glass of red and settle into some feel-good giggles.

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