As a brand obsessed with sun rays and vacays, we wanted to capture the beauty and presence of Greece. The island's power comes from its glistening waters, steep whitewashed cliffs and awe-inspiring landscapes. Because of this, we knew that this location would capture the essence and romantic mood that inspires so many euro getaways.

Carlene from Studio Flamingo captures the mood perfectly; she is a photographer that shot Lahana's last Euro Summer Campaign. She is a talent we love that has innate ability to capture those in-between moments full of presence.

This time around, we shot a mixed collection of styles, with a combination of prints and soft and dark tones. Saskia as a muse for this shoot is effortless and dreamy, transporting us into another location in another time.

We hope you feel as swept away by this campaign as we do. Keep strolling babes; we have a cheeky sneak peek of the New Minimal Collection dropping this December.

Sneak Peek

The much anticipated New Minimal Collection is dropping this December. Below is the first official sneak peek of what's to come this summer. Expect Lahana's cheeky cuts paired with ribbed fabric and electric colourways, and it would be a Lahana launch if we didn't include a bold Leopard print in there too.
Enjoy the first taste of what's to come, babes, we can't wait to show you the full collection.

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