Kristina is simply stunning , half Dutch and half Brazillian with blue and gentle eyes, tanned skin and chestnut locks, can we say no more? We love how you can rock a triangle top and high waisted bottom with ease. How would you describe the Lahana girl in 3 words?

Sexy, confident and independent.


What would your ideal day look like wearing your LAHANA pieces?

I would head down to my favourite cafe (three bean) in Manly for some breakfast with the girls. After we have finished I would then grab my big rug and head down to the beach. I will have my beach bag with me which has my speaker, tanning lotion, a water bottle, my hat and some sunglasses. If it is during the week I will bring my book with me, however if it is a Friday or Saturday I know the girls will be up for some cheeky drinks ft. a cold esky. Finishing off the day watching the sunset.

What are your top tips to stay in the creative zone when it comes to taking photos and styling?

I love looking at inspo pics to get me feeling a bit creative again. However when I shoot I black out. I love shooting fast and not thinking about anything. Letting my body just do its thing. When I shoot, some people sometimes say it looks like i'm dancing. Overall for me to be creative when I am shooting I can't think too much, I just go with the flow and move/pose whatever way I feel.


Kristina wears our Leopard Wolfie & Yolanda From the Ranger Collection

Social media can be used as an amazing tool, creating a wonderful platform for networking, connecting and engagement. However, we have recently seen a split between the negative and positive uses of social media. What tips do you have to stay mindful ,focused and centered?

Remember that most people only post the good things about their life and the happy days not showing the days when they might not feel as bright and happy. Whenever I am finding myself feeling a bit down looking at instagram I turn it off and wont open the app for the rest for the day. Don't follow people that don't have a positive affect on you. One of my friends who is a guy once scrolled on my instagram feed and started laughing, he said to me “there are only models and fashion sites in your feed, look at mine... I only have my close friends and motorbike photos”. You can make your instagram whatever you want it to be, if it is not making you feel happy or positive go through and change it!


Who do you love to follow on Instagram?

Haha this one is easy, @browncardigan for sure!! Whenever I am on their page I will always leave laughing.

Who is your style muse?

I really love Bella Hadid's style and @endlesslyloveclub!

Thanks so much for sharing girl!

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We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our OG Lahana Queen Kristina Mendonca as much as we have!

Much love xx


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