Jade Tuncdorak is someone you immediately warm to, with an instagram that captivates and draws you in with her natural smile and sleek style. It's this and her second page @therealjadetunchy that makes you really fall in love with Jade.

We love Jade's ability not to sweat the small stuff in life, to keep it real and openly show the unedited side of life as well. Life is more bold and beautiful when we learn to embrace it all!

Watch this natural beauty try and test her favourite Lahana styles.

Jade wears a size Large top and Medium bottom in most styles. The 'Blossy' top (as you can see!) was Jade's favourite pick for a bigger bust. The supportive underwire and leopard print 'Sari' was an absolute electric winner on this babe.

Find your favourite style from Jade's try on haul and get the her favourite looks. Make it bold in Lahana baby always.

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