Get To Know The Girls Behind The Body Positivity Campaign

With the success of our most recent Body Positivity Blog and Campaign, we thought we would allow you to meet the fierce babes behind it all. The team of girls that were involved in the project were all so inspiring in their own unique way.

The energy, power and confidence in the room that day that was contagious. Each and every one of us left feeling empowered, connected and in awe of everyone involved. When strong women stand together, they create an electric atmosphere.

We sat down with each fierce queen to ask them a couple of questions. Get to know the babes that little bit better below:

1. What’s your favourite Lahana style and why?

LAURA: The “luna basic scoop top” and the “luna cheeky Brazilian” in white. I love them because of how comfortable they are and because of how good they make me feel on my current preggie body. The fabric is amazing and it nearly feels like I have nothing on, it makes me feel beautiful and sexy without bringing any discomfort.

BROOKE: I love the structured ring bikini top paired with the cheeky tie up bikini bottoms. The top with the ring gives me serious 90’s vibes and a classic tie up bottom suits every body shape.


Laura Goulart Pinheiro                                                     Brooke Lee, Audrey Kanongara

2. Tell us a little bit about your story and what makes you unique?

RILEY: Being a transgender woman I definitely think I live quite a unique life. I’ve been given a difficult journey that has challenged me time and time again. However I am so proud of the woman I am and try my best to live a full and happy life. Lahana is really special brand to me and this campaign has been a massive milestone. As a trans woman getting into a bikini is one of the most terrifying yet liberating experiences there is in my opinion. And the fact that I can wear these beautiful bikinis with other beautiful woman and feel so proud and supported means the absolute world to me



Riley Minford


NARAH: I’m just a girl who have always being very happy about who I am as a person. I have always loved that good heart that a carry inside. At the same time took me quite a while to accept my outside part. I used to straight my hair and tried to have a thicker body too. Now I have finally accepted my Afro hair and skinny body... with a big smile on my face. And all these things combined made me the best version of myself. Confidence and kindness is the key, that’s what makes people unique!

Narah Caroline De Souza Baptista

3. What do you love about your body?

Christina Louise Maimone


CHRISTINA: The thing I love most about my body is my waist. I think it really accentuates my hourglass figure and makes me feel sexy and feminine.

RILEY: I used to really hate how tall I was. Being a 6’ foot tall girl is pretty unique and I used to be very self conscious about it. However I have learnt to love my heigh and long legs and now it’s one of my favourite things about myself.


Riley Minford

4. What’s your definition of “body positivity”?


CHRISTINA: My definition of “body positivity” is more than just a social movement. It’s waking up every day and accepting my body as it is. It’s feeling happy and healthy and recognising the importance of self care. Everyday, I make sure I look in the mirror and smile, because once you love yourself, everything else follows.


Brooke Lee

                                      Christina Louise Maimone


BROOKE: Body positivity is knowing and accepting who you are and the skin you are in. One day I decided I was beautiful, so I’m continuing to live that life. The body is a powerful tool, the way it looks shouldn’t be the be all and end all... focus on what it can do for you.


5. How did you feel being apart of this body positivity campaign?

Kellee Aleman                                                                     Larissa Maria Santana Silva

NARAH: I felt amazed by all these beautiful woman I had around me. Made me realise how unique each of us are, how special! I hope that all the girls seeing this campaign will feel the same about themselves, that there is no need for competition or comparison. It does not matter which body shape, skin colour, hair type that you have. We are ALL beautiful!

CHRISTINA: I felt so liberated and honoured being apart of the Body Positivity Campaign. I think this particular shoot will forever hold a special place in heart. The energy and connections that were made that day were so real and raw - and it really shows through the images. All of us were so confident and supportive of one another and being a part of this Campaign is something I am truly proud of!


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