Handmade collection made in tropical Bali

Lahana has been producing its La Luxe range in beautiful Bali for the past three years now. It's a relationship that was formed right at the beginning of the Lahana Swim Journey.

The work done for Lahana in Bali is intricate, unique and always of the highest of quality. The detailed work can be seen and felt when wearing and testing these pieces on a day to day basis. The love they put into each bikini is evident in every design and every print produced.

We are so happy to introduce you to the team, and the process behind the beautiful bikini's that find there way into lives of so many our loyal girl gang.



As many of you already know, Lahana is stocked in Mermaid Swim Boutique across three locations in Bali. However, Lahana also works alongside Mermaid Swim as business partners to create our La Luxe ranges that are seasonally released to our beautiful customer base.

The La Luxe Lahana swim collections are manufactured by a small group of designer, pattern makers, sewers and back end admin staff. After the design process and pattern making, each piece is hand made with elements of intricate detail and sewn to the highest of quality.

Co-founders, Vrindy and Ramana Benson often travel over to Bali to check in with the process and to discuss designs for their upcoming collections. Whether in person or through email, the finer details of the collections are discussed and decided upon. From here the team can confidently move forward with their work.

The team in Bali are dedicated to their work and highly skilled in what they do; we are so fortunate to have such a talented team behind us.


The ruched detailing you see across multiple cuts is an example, and the result of the hard work put into each piece made by our Bali based team. The fabrics and prints also created and chosen for their uniqueness and quality — the materials we use often link back and reflect the culture of the Balinese people. Batik Balinese patterns are used across multiple designs in the La Luxe Collection, in you can see this work in the Alfi and the Narlu from Lahana's most recent collection.

Bali is a constant source of inspiration and one we want to honour continually through Lahana designs. The high quality of the swim is what makes Lahana stand out from its competitors and imitators. The La Luxe ranges sell at a higher price point because the level of work is much more extensive . The Designs often include elements that elevate the swim to high level of quality that customer have come to know from our brand.

The detail, time and quality put into the swim needs to be honoured. The people who put the time and effort into making this swim need to be respected. The Balinese community work hard behind the scenes to create these magical pieces. Know that when you are buying from Lahana you are also supporting that hard work, time and effort of the Balinese community


The 'Alfi' has always been one of our most popular designs. It's the design that best represents the work of our beautiful Balinese team, showing both the batik print detailing and ruched textured fabric.


Lahana has had a long term love relationship with Bali. The co-founder's father spent years of his youth chasing waves across the Indonesian Islands. As kids, the family choice of holiday destination was always Bali. So, year after year the family would immerse themselves in Balinese culture, moving around the different pockets of the Island.

The Balinese people are deeply spiritual, immensely kind, generous and warm-hearted. The sun is always shining, and there are a million beautiful vegetarian restaurants around. Naturally, the Island kept pulling the girls back. They knew that this was the place that they wanted to set up their manufacturing in the early days of starting the company.

Bali is so inspiring and is home to so many creative, talented people now. People that the two sisters started to meet and make friends with through their travels each year to this tropical haven.

The stars aligned and Lahana was fortunate enough to link up with the creative team that would help establish the La Luxe range in all its glory. A collection that now constantly draws on this connection and love of the Balinese people and their beautiful Island home.

Lahana hopes that this connection and love is felt by it's broader audience.





'Bali is a source of constant inspiration for both Vrindy and myself. We have been to Bali since we were kids, so we have special place in hearts for whats become a second home to us'- Co-Founder/ Ramana Benson


Here's a a little snapshot into the space and people behind the scenes of the Bali location where Lahana manufactures. We dare you not to smile when you see our lovely pattern maker doing what he does best!





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