| Sophie Komadina

5 Goals We're Working towards

Here at Lahana Swim we're all about constantly improving. We want to give back to the community, minimise our footprint on the environment, and for our customers to trust that their shopping ethically produced garments.
Based on your feedback, we're excited to share with you 5 of our long-term goals to keep improving.


We previously shared on our Instagram the ways that we are working towards becoming a completely plastic free work environment. We've removed all plastic packaging from the office, and now include a reusable linen Lahana Swim bag with every bikini purchase, instead of our old plastic zip-lock bags. Good for the environment but also so cute and handy for your belongings at the beach!


Also assisting us in becoming a plastic free office, we will soon be introducing biodegradable shipping bags. Sustainable packaging is the way of the future and will be a great way for us to minimise our impact on the environment.


We've listened to your feedback and have introduced more sizing options!
We just launched more styles and are now available in XL. Keep your eyes peeled for XS styles which are coming soon. Lahana truly believes every body is beautiful and we can't wait to be able to include more sizes in our tribe.


To give back to the community, Lahana Swim will continue to work with amazing organisations and charities. We've worked with Pay a Sack Forward, and recently launched our #WOMENEMPOWERWOMEN campaign with The Global Women's Project, donating 30% of sales from our Red Bambi One-Piece to the incredible work the charity does. We also donate monthly to the Calf Rescue and Education Program, who rescue male calves from the slaughter house.  


Through our blogs and social media profiles, we strive to maintain total transparency with our beautiful customers. We've previously spoken about our relationship with the Luxe range manufacturer's in this blog, and how the brand started when we shared our interview with the co-founders.

We will continue to share more from behind the scenes with you all, so please email us at info@lahanaswim.com or send us a DM with any requests or questions as we would love to hear from you.

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